Darts Game – 10 Dart Throwing Tips

In any sport or game it is natural to want to perform to the best of your ability, it increases your enjoyment and overall satisfaction. But what do you do if you are looking to improve your darts game? If you practice hard but don’t identify or correct the errors in your game then you may end up frustrated, but darts coaching is hardly widely available. Let me share some quick simple tips to add a little gloss your darts game:

1. Get The Basics Right

Ignore the basics at your peril, your game needs a solid base, Have a comfortable stance with good balance, throw with a straight forearm and follow through fully while keeping your body as still as possible.

2. Practice Regularly

It is very difficult to improve your darts game if you are not willing to practice on a regular basis. I am not just talking about lobbing a few darts at the board to pass the time. I mean fully focused sessions where you work on different aspects of your game. Even just 30 minutes of quality practice for 3 days a week can make a huge difference.

3. Join A Team

Playing regularly in the league is a great way to improve at darts and can be great fun. You will get better as you play against strong opponents as well as practicing with your team.

4. Enter Competitions

There is nothing better than the thrill of competition. Hone your skills with matchplay darts, the ultimate test of your throw and bottle. Entering local darts events will be challenging, fun and a great way to improve your darts game.

5. Watch The Professionals

You can learn a lot by watching the top professionals playing on television. Become an avid darts viewer and let the pros help your darts game.

6. Work On Your Weaknesses

Identify the ares of your game that need improving and device a practice schedule that targets those areas. You will become an all round better player

7. Seek Out Advice

Get some darts coaching from a more experienced player or a good quality coaching course. Even Phil Taylor constantly strives to find ways to become a better player.

8. Throw With Confidence.

Adopt a positive dart throwing action with a good rhythm. Throw darts with a new found confidence and expect to hit your target every time.

9. Visualize Success

Imagine hitting those treble 20s over and over again in your mind, see yourself winning as you hit that winning double. Do not dismiss the power of positive thinking and practice visualization on a regular basis.

10. Enjoy Your Darts

Above all you must enjoy your darts, otherwise what is the point of playing at all? Relish the challenge, look forward to practice and matches while trying to become the best player you can possibly be.

Follow my simple dart throwing tips and take your darts game to the next level.